Joey I.L.O. Bio                          

To say that comedy is in Joey ILO’s blood wouldn’t be far from the truth. He was, after all, raised by honest-to-goodness clowns! Never a stranger to the stage, Joey started performing as a musician and song writer when he was 11-years-old. At age 26 he decided to follow in his parent’s (oversized) footsteps and begin a career in comedy. In his first year as a comedian Joey was named the regional winner of the Sierra Mist Search for the Next Great Comic and appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 5. Joey’s a high energy comic who’s been touring coast to coast. His unique perspective and family experiences are as unique as his last name. Joey’s vision is to do a clean show so that anyone and everyone in the family can enjoy and not just a certain group of people.

Born in Racine, Wisconsin, his father was a cop, a clown and a Christian and what is funny is that a lot of people like to run away from cops, clowns and Christians. Joey was never afraid of any of those things and embraced them. Well two out of three anyway, he gets in trouble when he tries to hug cops.

Joey suffered a massive stroke at age 21 but that led to the correct diagnosis of a rare muscle disease (familial periodic paralysis). Instead of staying at home with his parents Joey moved to Minnesota for treatment at Mayo clinic. He has overcome a lot physically and still put out two music albums, toured, finished college and started a comedy career. He is now married and has a beautiful healthy baby girl.

“He brilliantly entertained the unentertainable at our staff holiday party. They were a tough crowd, but with his unique style of comedy, Joey proved a great success!”
Travis Hamre
Group Sales Executive
Minnesota Timberwolves NBA

Q & A w/ Joey

Q: Did you used to be a rapper?
A: Yes, I had two rap albums out. Collective Thoughts and The Past and the Presentation, 2001. I used to perform with The Grits, LA Symphony, KJ52, and many others.

Q: Didn’t you used to work with gospel choirs?
A: Yes. I worked with James Greer and Co. and the ABC Youth Choir. I wrote five songs on the album Washed, released in 2004.

Q: What’s with the weird last name?
A: My last name is Italian, Aiello, so I just went with the letter. I took out every other letter but I.L.O. is how you pronounce. Besides no one can spell my last name any way and if you google Aiello you come up with a lot of mafia bosses and although I frequently kill on stage I didn’t want to be associated with the mob.

Q: How long have you been doing Stand up?
A: I have been performing music since I was 11 although mostly music and rapping. I first took the stage to perform stand up in 2005.

Q: What kind of accent do you have?
A: It is a mixture of white rap, and growing up in an Italian household in Wisconsin.

Q: Are you married?
A: Yes, since 2007 and yes she is hot and from Ecuador. I followed her to Ecuador at her parent’s house on Christmas Eve. I proposed in Spanish, even though I don’t speak Spanish. A friend wrote out the proposal in Spanish and I read it slowly and in halting Spanish. Thankfully she said yes. We spent our first year apart and were reunited in December 2008. She is here in the US now and we have a beautiful baby girl born in 2011.

Q: When is your birthday?
A: Jun 26 ( Cash always makes a great present.)

Q: Did you go to clown college?
A: No but my dad did.