What’s Been Said

Joey was more than great. WOW. He was a kick in the head from the stage and off stage he was just great. No complaints.

– Jeremy Schossau – Metro South Church, Detroit, MI

Joey I.L.O. was the Crowd FAVORITE! Our people LOVED him and all his energy. He was fresh and appealed to the majority of our crowd. We plan to bring him back for an event this year.

– Karen Steverson – Church Administrator, Without Walls Central, Lakeland, FL

Joey was a blast at Bethel. Students enjoyed his humor and the way he interacted with the audience. His Jokes were sooooo funny. Please come back again.

– Leon A. Rodriguez – Associate Dean for Diversity and Community, Bethel University – St Paul, MN

Joey I.L.O was awesome! He connected with the students right away. He hung out with them before and after the show as well, and they loved him! It was an intense week of exams, and Joey provided the perfect outlet the students (and professors) needed to get rid of their stress. You should have heard everybody scream with laughter!

– Professor James G. Muckell, CPA – Nyack College, Nyack, NY

Joey was a blessing. He was flexible, creative and helped us create a better event than we had envisioned. The people responded well to him, and did I say, HE WAS FUNNY!!

– Rev Kevin L. Crow, Harvest Ridge Church Ridgeville, OH